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From the very same people that gave rise to ThemeForest, and the community that brought us items such as Avada, WPBakery Page Builder, and the X Theme, we now get unlimited WordPress downloads too thanks to their latest subscription-based product – Envato Elements! The subscription is currently priced at $29/m, and all their WordPress content gets unlocked when you order an annual subscription of Envato Elements. This is a massive deal because it provides Web Designers with creative freedom unlike anything ever seen in the WordPress Scene before.

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What do Unlimited Downloads Mean?

With Envato Elements Annuals, you now only need to have a subscription running and you can enjoy the massive benefits that come with unlimited access to some of the world’s most popular Themes and Plugins. You read that right – you can download as many WordPress Themes as you want, without ever having to worry about the licensing, or money thrown into purchasing another WordPress Theme. If you happen to have a client who wants to experiment with a different layout, you don’t have to put in another Theme-based investment – all of that is taken care of and you can just keep on pushing that download button as much as you want!

Easy Downloads!

The offer from Envato Elements actually does appear to be “unlimited” in every respect, and the process seems incredibly straightforward. If you’re any kind of a freelancer, I have a feeling you’re going to appreciate that particular aspect of the product. Here’s how easy it is:

  • Find a WordPress Theme or a WordPress Plugin you like
  • Type in the name of the project you’re working on. EG: “Client Website Name”
  • Click the “Download” button

That’s it! Acquiring WordPress Themes has never in the history of the industry, been that easy.

Unlimited Downloads of Stock Photos, Fonts, Mockups, and More on Envato Elements

In fact, WordPress Themes and Plugins are just a small fraction of what’s available on Envato Elements. There are InDesign Files, there’s Photoshop Brushes, Logo Templates, and much more. There’s even access to Stock Photos without any limits. This is a big one, as it means you will be saving yourself more than one business expense every month. WordPress Themes can be expensive, but so can a tall order of stock photos. On Envato Elements, Stock Photos are readily available when you have a subscription, and there is no monthly limit holding you back. You have full creative freedom!

If you’re not looking for commercial WordPress Themes, please take a look at our awesome Free WordPress Themes instead.

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