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Table of Contents

It is important to understand that insurance is a subject matter of solicitation and market risks. Premium rates are accurate at the time of issue but are subject to change without prior notice. The final insurance quote may vary until a survey has been done. In case there is a discrepancy in the rates, the information provided by the insurance company shall prevail.

Health Insurance in Pakistan

Health insurance covers and provides all the medical assistance during emergency. In the under developing countries like Pakistan health insurance is essential for everyone. It behaves like a shield in an emergency. There are much health The United Insurance Company of Pakistan Limited is rated AA by PACRA and serves the clients with superior services of health insurance.

Health Insurance Plans (Corporate)

The best gift to anyone is a secure future and present with a good health insurance policy. UIC gives you the best health insurance plans and affordable quotes. The details of health insurance are the following:

Overview – Taking all health worries off you

  • Comprehensive branded scheme offering value added features and complete solution for all health worries.
  • A vital tool in hassle free delivery of health care services; we will be there when you need someone to help.
  • Off setting huge medical expenses that have large bearing on health and its maintenance.
  • Well conceived and customized plan uniquely designed to address all health exigencies requiring hospitalization.
  • Among very few national companies to cover around the world with direct settlement of medical expenses worth Rs 2.3 million abroad.
  • Fulfills all requirements envisioned in government policy of healthcare for all.
  • Insurance arrangements with world’s top re insurers.


  • Curtails administrative and financial burden of the employer.
  • Because of branding we offer more than the market.
  • Employer wins loyalty of the employees thereby enhancing efficiency and productivity …motivating to work more proactively.
  • Extensive nationwide branch network of over 95 branches; almost every reputable hospital is on our panel in every town.

Who is “Covered”

  • Corporate sector employees up to the age of 65.
  • Special modules are designed to cover dependent parents.
  • Age of daughter can be relaxed up to her marriage.
  • Age of son can be relaxed up to till 25.

What is “Covered” – OPD Benefits

  1. G P and Specialist Consultation fees.
  2. Prescribed medicines.
  3. Laboratory and other Investigations. (e.g. X-Rays, ECGS & Ultrasound etc).
  4. Dental care benefits.
  5. Besides doctors, Consultations with registered Hakims and Practicing alternative medicine specialist is also admissible.

What is “Covered” – Hospitalization

  1. Hospital Expenses Per Person Per Confinement Per Ailment. (Pregnancy & Dreaded Diseases excluded ).
  2. Room Rent, Nursing expenses.
  3. Hospital Expenses include Surgical expenses, Anesthesia.
  4. O.T. Charges, Consultation Fee, Nursing Charges, etc.
  5. Investigation and Medicines, Blood, Oxygen Suppliers, Dialyses Chemotherapy / Radiotherapy cost of pacemakers ( subject to Hospitalization Unit).
  6. Miscellaneous Expenses Pre & post-hospitalization expenses.

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